Drill down filtering with bread crumbs


I’ve would like to able to add filtering for a chart, not by using drop down lists, but by the user clicking a chart element.

Say we have data set with a row for each user login and columns: UserGroup, UserRole, UserName

In a bar chart showing the number of logins by UserGroup, I would like to be able to click on a column and have the chart update to show number of logins grouped by the UserRole of the users in the clicked UserGroup. Clicking a column for a specific UserRole updates the chart to group number of logins by UserName for users with the clicked UserRole.

To help navigate back and forth, I suggest using bread crumbs of the form: UserGroup -> UserRole -> UserName

Is this a planned feature? I would certainly be willing to help build it.


We were thinking about implementing drill down for charts in a similar way to how it works with tables: let the user define what link to open when some chart element is clicked. This is helpful when you want to open a different dashboard or query.

Your use case is a bit more complex and will be trickier to implement. Maybe it will be possible by setting the behavior of on-click to be “update parameter value” for the query instead of “open link”?