Drill down from one dashboard to other

I am trying to drill from a summary level KPI to a detail behind that KPI

Welcome to the forum! You can do this using the Link column type in table visualizations. Example here

If you need this to happen based on click events on the visualizations themselves that’s not supported. Arik created this issue to track progress towards eventually adding this:

Hi Susodapop,
I have a counter visualization that shows a value (eg 4). When a user clicks this 4 I would like to show them the data(details) behind that 4 on a new dashboard or report. is this functionality supported. I also tried the same on a table format

What specifically did you try with the tables? How did you configure the links?

on the table it shows the link and I see {{ @ }} in all three sections. Need your advise on how to use this functionality

Do I have to create a new dashboard and embed that URL in the {{NEWLINK}}?

by any chance can we do the same on the value and pass that intersection point as new URL?

The link can point to any dashboard or query in Redash. If you want to click through to an interesection then you can use the approach I linked earlier in this thread (from November 2019).

Yes. The example I posted shows precisely how to do this.