Drill down functionality on a click of bar chart


I would like to add drill down functionality in the chart, for example i have a bar chart in which x-axis defines the Country. when i click on the column “India” it will drill down and show me the result of states of India. I am using MongoDB. Is it possible in redash ?? Could anyone put light on this. Please explain it with an example .

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@dietdrpepper can you please put some light on this

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This isn’t supported in visualizations. You can follow any progress on this feature here:

You can approximate this behavior using Tables with links. But that might not work for your needs.

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I’ve made a solution by linking other queries/dashboards in a table. I’ve used PostgreSQL datasource and format() function to insert a HTML <a href> tag. It’s not a dynamic solution, but if you have only a handful of drilldowns, than it’s viable in small scale.

This is exactly what I described higher in the thread. You actually don’t need to use format() either. The table visualization permits encoding links straight from the visualization editor :smile:

when i redirect to the other page do i need to create other dashboard and link it the the table ?
can you give me an example how do i insert visual on the other page