Drop Down Filter Override


Creating query-driven drop downs for parameters is really useful.
But I’d like to give users the option to input their own values as well.

As I see it, there are three modes for a drop-down parameter;

  • Pick from list only
  • Be able to enter/search a value manually, but must exist in the list
  • Full ability to enter their own value

Example Use Case
I provide a list of items a user can select from to populate a performance dashboard. I Pre-populate the list based on the items I expect he’s wanting to look at.

Scenario 1:
The list can be quite long - the user probably knows what item he’s looking for and it’s quicker to type this is manually. The Dropdown should find the corresponding entry as he types it in. Ideally searching on both value and name fields.

Scenario 2:
It might be the user wants a product I haven’t presented to them in the drop down. I want to give the option to provide their own item code. (This could be trickier if you’re using value & name pairs)


Scenario 1 is definitely possible and makes sense.

Scenario 2 is a bit trickier although should be possible too.