Dropdown list query parameter

I’m new to redash. I created my first query with text parameters and I want to replace some of them with dropdown lists, but there’s no option to do so (see below). Is it an issue with my account’s permissions?

Hi @mmazur122, what Redash Version are you using?

I’m using an account within my org and we are self hosting redash. If the footer value (0.11.1+b2095) is correct then we have a very outdated version.

Yeah, that explains a lot :grin:, you are using a version released 2 years ago, Redash is currently in version 8 and had lots of updates in this meantime :tada: (including a master remake in its interface design).

Is there any reason that hold you from update so far?

I guess we never needed to use the new features until now. I’ll see if we can upgrade. Thanks for the help!