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I instaled a self hosted redash instance with success in my company. But I’m in Spain, and my users speak Spanish. In general, is not a problem, but I’m trying to improve the ux with some Redash features as alerts.
I know that there is a future feature on v9 that could edit all body of the alerts and a lot more. But I only need a little modification, I want to translate the default’s body template:
Check alert / check query . to Revisar alerta / Revisar consulta .

I go to /app/redash/destinations/email.py and try to change it, but I have 2 problems:

1º I cant edit the file inside the docker container because it hasn’t vim, nano or any other editor. I tryed to install it but I cant because I don’t know the sudo pass for redash user inside redash_server_1 docker instance
2º I ‘resolve’ it editing the file outside the docker instance, and copy it on the right path. It not works. I need to do more things for it works? Maybe the problem will be that the file is owned by root instead of redash… but without redash pass I cant exec chown

Thanks to all

Hi, @jrspepe
Did you manage to edit template somehow?

answering your first question

  1. You can login to running container as root user (id=0) directly from host
docker exec -u 0 -it mycontainer bash
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