Embed and Action button to call a API from a dash

Hi, We’d find it super useful if the people who use redash could hit a button which passed data from a report to an API. That way we could enable Redash users to action change based on the reports they see.

Is it something anyone has asked for before, maybe it’s out of scope?


Welcome to the forum! I haven’t seen this feature requested before. If these are internal users, it might be best performed with a browser extension. Visualisations use the actual data from the query result: so a browser extension could feasibly capture the data and forward it to any service you desire without requiring changes to the Redash codebase.

Thanks. This would be some internal and some external users. I’d have in mind we could add a button which when clicked could call an API and pass a payload of data from the dashboard. We could then make that do anything we want.

For example, we use Redash for our NOC team who might be able to automate fixes. And our customers use redash and might be able to raise a ticket with us from a dashboard. So many use-cases :slight_smile:

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I’m interested to see a proof of concept for this. Redash is pretty easy to hack around. Depending on the flexibility of your implementation it could make sense to upstream this. But if nothing else we can discuss how to make the change so that future upstream changes won’t break your implementation.

Nice. So we would code in the Action button and add it to each upgrade, which would be coded to accommodate it?

Something along those lines. Depending on how you implement the change you could extend the visualisation component, or completely replace it. Or we could potentially implement a space for per-installation custom hooks to be appended at the end of widgets.

Thanks very much.
We don’t have a python coder at our workplace so would need to contract someone in to do the work (is that correct, it would be a Python coder we’d need?). Would we find that person and ask them to then collaborate with you to get the Action button in place?

I think this would involve changes to both the Python codebase and the Javascript / React codebase. Because your action buttons will probably have some state information that needs to be committed to the database (Python concern) and a visible button that renders on the widget (JS / React concern).

As for collaboration: everyone is welcome to post questions about how to achieve some behaviour.