Embed Visualization with parameters



I am new at redash. I am trying to embed a visualization with parameters. The given URL has only de API parameter, but no place for the custom ones. Tried adding like p_parameter in the URL with no success. The query is running like it has no parameters in its definition.

Any advice?


I’ve found the same issue. All related tests have been commented, with weird TODO: bring back?.


It seems ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS does not work anymore since v1.0.1:

It is said to be planned for the next release. I would also like to know more about this. Is there a time frame for this?


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Ok, thanks. Almost there… but seems a bit stalled at the moment… the problem is once you started using embeds, you can’t upgrade without them…


Hi folks! My org has ~160 parameterized embeds to facilitate operations. This is for fast reference of account details, eliminating multiple clicks.

What’s the status of the pull request? No updates for a month.

Clicks become seconds become minutes… Since you can’t put {{params}} into embedded views the GET params are the only way to filter a view without sending people out to the ReDash site, losing the context of where they were at. Embedding is important for getting the most from a reporting platform like ReDash.

It worries me that big parts of the embedding API can go missing without warning. For now our workaround is to manually edit all the iframes to point at an older version of ReDash in Staging. Lots of work and must be repeated when the bugfix is ready.


(copying my response from GitHub for “future generations”)

I understand your frustration, but just want to clarify something:

  1. This part of the API was always considered non production ready and was behind a feature flag for this reason.
  2. “without warning” - it was made clear in the release notes, that the 1.0 release doesn’t have support for this feature and that it will be introduced back after the 1.0 release.


I have started using 3.0.0 beta just from two days, but looking forward to Visualization with Query params as this is the most promising feature for me where I need to integrate the charts and tables in other projects with embed feature.

Here is a sample link for visualization.



@ravituvar That’s already in v2…


I have just started using beta 3.0.0 and it seems not working for me. Its not returning the filtered data as in Query String…

http://demo.redash.io/embed/query/5791/visualization/8647?api_key=6yaf4eunxWvXkU5F80PsG7N9uS6TCNUqFBVXWmNa&p_action=fork if you put this links it will only return with create filter and not fork filter. Is there anything i am missing here?


I don’t know about the demo instance. But on our local instance we have to turn on the feature by setting ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS=true.


Should i add ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS=true in .env config?


In ubuntu I have in .env: