Embedding query with query params



Any timeline on when you can support iframe embeds with query params? Would be super helpful


Can you provide more detail?


Once we done with #2904, implementation for emebds with parameters will follow.


Thanks for the response @arikfr . Any kind of timeline that i can refer to? It’s the only thing that blocks us from rolling out redash across our org


We try not to share ETAs on features that are currently in development. I can only say ASAP :D, but it will take some time until we work out all the issues.


@arikfr I’m a bit confused… does this mean embeded query params do not work anymore?
Is this option still valid REDASH_ALLOW_PARAMETERS_IN_EMBEDS=“True”?



This is a workaround we allowed in the codebase, but it never was something we endorsed or supported. If you use it, you need to be aware of the issues and security concerns.


That’s ok. Just wondered if it still worked on v6…