Environment variables ignored

Issue Summary

Configuration is not updated after setting new env values

I have updated the SAML config in admin manually, but now we want to set them with env variables. Environment variables are set correctly I see them inside the container, even with restart of containers configuration is not applied. In GUI it was still the old values. Is that a bug what should I do?

redash@redash-redash-84c5548f4-xhj26:/app/redash$ env | grep SAML

Technical details:

How are you restarting the containers?

Hello, helm chart kill them and then start new pods. I also deleted them manually to create new. Env values are okay but not applied for doing the changes. I can change only from gui. Where is it storing the values modified from GUI?

I guess I have to report it to github

Github isn’t the right place for this (it’s not a bug - just something in your env).

What else it could be? The envs are there… It can not overide existing settings set by admin

Hi @RkanJinx , any luck with this? I’m getting the same issue but with my environment variable REDASH_ENFORCE_PRIVATE_IP_BLOCK=false. Its present in the pods as well was when I restart the pods too, but for some reason Redash is returning that value as true.