Error 404 page data not found using Data Source from GoogleSpreadsheet

Hi, i using data source from google sheet and I’ve been using it from the previous year and it’s running well.
but now i get error 404 Page not found, when i execute data from Data Source Google Sheet

i try to create new google service account and i share to google sheet again, i found error the same it…
is there any solution for this?

I suspect this is a duplicate of this one: Google sheets datasource issue - #3 by dannyblackman

Would greatly appreciate someone looking into a fix for it.

redash must be upgrade for fix this. google was update the latest api sheet to api v4
following Migrate your apps to use the latest Sheets API version—turning down v3 API by 2020 | Google Cloud Blog

I’ll reiterate this. We’re happy to review a pull request implementing a fix. Otherwise we’ll just deprecate the google sheets query runner as part of the next release.