ERROR: function unnest(character varying) does not exist

After upgrading to v8 and having to migrate the postgres db , I see this error on the server (I was getting a 500 status):

LINE 1: SELECT unnest(dashboards.tags) AS tag, count(1) AS usage_cou…
server_1 | ^
server_1 | HINT: No function matches the given name and argument types. You might need to add explicit type casts.
server_1 | [SQL: 'SELECT unnest(dashboards.tags) AS tag, count(%(count_1)s) AS usage_count \nFROM dashboards \nWHERE I…

The postgres version is 9.6.15 - so it should support this function.

Any ideas?


Is this an error when you run a query? Or an error that Redash raises when hitting its internal Postgres db?

I manually connected to the postgres and ran the query and also got this error - so it seems to be a postgres issue (probably something that I did when migrating the db)

It is an error from Redash querying the internal db, when listing the dashboards

@susodapop any update on it?