Error in data labels (count, sum)

Hi, I have some issues with redash dashboards, I like to show count of values in pie and bars charts but I got the following outputs:

Captura de pantalla de 2021-10-18 06-19-16

  • Also the empty rows doesn’t hide

You can see that the percent value in pie are ok, but if you see the labels are wrong showing 0.71% as percent and 1 as count.

The same happen in bar charts the labels show the value of 1 (one record) but not show the count or sum of data:

The data source are google sheets but when I see the date in google the numeric values awas in numberic format.

Thanks for your response.

Currently I’m writing queries for each Chart with this approach the data and labels are Ok, but I think could be possible work directly from Google Sheet Source… is mandatory to do this (one query per analytic) or there is a easiest way that allow work directly from table data?