Error running query: Bytes scanned limit was exceeded

Hi My query at Athena is normal, but WHEN I connect to Athena through Redash, I get the following error:
Error running query: Bytes scanned limit was exceeded
Does anyone know the reason for this? Thank you very much

sql:select * from test;

What happens if you apply a limit to the query?


hi jesse Thank you for your answer, table test is a small number of data, add limit 1 to report this error,

select name, age, sec_uid from test limit 1;

If I were to query sec_uid(type is string), I would get an error,
just query

select name, age from test limit 1;

There is no problem.

Nice debugging. It sounds like Redash can’t handle the SEC UID for some reason. Can you share an example of sec_uid? I would like to experiment with it.

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hi jesse The test table stores the following data

	"name": "tom",
	"age": "18",
	"sec_uid": "MS4wLjABAAAA74obGZMARJEidANJzkHd41kZa521WJyQBZC5KmqeXUcobBckCQsAJrrYowpLA5um",
	"screen_name": "小雨平时",
	"uid": "69686230114",
	"user_sec_uid": "MS4wLjABAAAAJAL7lT5GOKjKh2rKgTmwfRsUsXjEb9Cy6ptC9eidBjU",
	"created_time": "2021-10-13 05:49:15",
	"name": "独自旅行的姑娘"

-- exec sql (pub_date  is created_time to get the monthly partition )
select sec_uid from test where pub_date = 202110 limit 1

hi jesse Thank you very much. The problem has been solved, which makes us OPS restrict my access to Athena. I don’t understand the restriction principle of Athena. In short, thank you

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