Error running query: Expecting ',' delimiter:

I have a redash instance hosted on digitalocean ( Redash 8.0.0 on Ubuntu 18.04) that I have connected to Google big query for a few basic Dashboards. This morning each of the dashboard queries was showing red with the following error.
Error running query: Expecting ‘,’ delimiter: line 5654 column 74 (char 253969)

I cannot seem to track this down. The queries all work in big query and one query will appear fine in the dashboard until you try to refresh it and then it throw this error.

This could be a serialization error for the response from BigQuery. If there is an un-escaped double-quote character in the query result ". Do all queries fail or is it just one or two? Can you run SELECT 1 foo?

This was the case for all queries. They all failed. When I entered the queries directly into BigQuery they ran fine.

This issue did stop, but I didn’t do anything. It just stopped occurring sometime in the night.

I would like to understand it though to potentially prevent it from happening in the future.

Sadly there’s nothing to left to research unless the problem starts gain :frowning: