Error running query: No cached result available for query

Are there known issues that cause a query to fail to cache?

I am having an issue running a simple SELECT * FROM cached_query_15068. This returns Error running query: No cached result available for query 15068. I have run the underlying query many times with no apparent caching effect.

The underlying query uses parameters (hence the need to access the cached result), however I was able to successfully retrieve the cached result for an older query that uses similar parameters.

I am curious if this is a known issue, or if there are known actions to force a parameterized query to cache.

If query_15068 uses parameters then you can’t query it with the QRDS.

That shouldn’t be possible. Can you say more about how you did it?

[Edit]: I’ve added a note about this to the documentation.

TL;DR: make and save a change to a query to force it to be cached.

Additional info:

I found what I believe to be the answer.

I was able to get a query with params to successfully cache by making an arbitrary change (I added a column to the output with a string, eg. SELECT "junk" AS test, prev_col1, prev_col2... . Then I saved the query and ran the result.

The query was then cached successfully and accessible via QRDS, eg. SELECT * FROM cached_query_15068.

Which version of Redash are you running? This looks like a bug.

To clarify: eventually we’d like to add a means of properly bubbling up the parameters so you can use parameterized queries with QRDS. What you’ve described is an undefined behavior, though.