Error running query: Unknown error occurred. Please try again later

I have a query that is throwing the unknown error…and has been for hours. How do I address this?

;WITH dateInstances AS (
FROM cached_query_407999
WHERE EntryDate >= date(‘now’,’-1 month’)
GROUP BY instanceName
select * from dateInstances

I am able to run the actual query for “407999” and get results. Other queries work. What would be causing this?

Whoa. Query id 407999. You have more than 400k queries in your self-hosted instance? Are you certain that’s not a typo?

If not, how many results does query 407999 return?

This isn’t self-hosted. Because it is from the shared server I wasn’t sure what others could access. The real query returns fewer than 50 results.

If you’re on SaaS Redash you might check with their support team. Could be a performance issues outside your control.

One debugging step: replace cached_query with query and see if that makes a difference.