Error while trying to create visualization : "visualization could not be send"

while trying to create a chart,
i got this error

: “visualization could not be send”
see screenshot,
what can be the cause?

did anyone get this error before?
i tried to recreate the chart / reopen Redash,
still got the same error

What do you see in your javascript console when you click “Save”? There should be an error there.

hey @k4s1m , thank you for writing back,
this is what i see :
"Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 413 () "

HTTP code 413 means that the request payload is too large. Very strange. How many rows are returned by your query?

the query returns an aggregated date, it returns about 16K rows ± ,
i never had issues with this kind of scale of rows.

What’s the format of the data? I’m wondering if you group-by a column that has a large number of distinct values it could overload the visualization settings…

you are correct, this is the case,
i need to think about a way of preventing it from happening