Events by Date chart issue


Hey guys,

I find it difficult to create a chart style “Events by Date”.

My MySQL query is as follows:
FROM_UNIXTIME(UNIX_TIMESTAMP(example_date), “%d/%m/%y”),
FROM example_table
GROUP BY example_date
ORDER BY example_date DESC

example_date is from a TIMESTAMP type and example_event is from a VARCHAR type.

When I try to create a chart I get the following:

How can I show dates in a correct way?



Can include an example of how the results looks like? If the query id is 123, then the results URL will be /api/queries/123/results.json. You can share it privately if you prefer.

Also how did you configure the chart? The date as X axis and count as Y?


Thanks Arik,

I will send you the results privately.

Yes, Iv’e set the date on the X axis and count on the Y axis.


From looking at the result you sent me, it appears that the date column is of type string. To fix this, you can either:

  1. Use a conversion function in MySQL that returns a date/datetime type.
  2. Return the string formatted as %Y-%m-%d (for example: 2016-08-15).


Cool, this did the trick. Thanks :slight_smile: