Events table: Difference between execute_query/data_source and execute/query?

Issue Summary

We’re looking to get some insight into user activity in Redash. When a user executes a query, it appears that query execution activity is being logged in two different ways. Sometimes it’s recorded as object_type = 'query' and action = 'execute', like I would expect. But more often, it’s showing up as object_type = 'data_source' and action = 'execute_query'

I’ve confirmed that when I go into a dashboard and click refresh on a widget, or view a query and click “Execute”, it’s being recorded in the events table as object_type = 'data_source' and action = 'execute_query'. This is less helpful, since it logs the id of the data source in this case, and not the id of the query. Meanwhile, the text of the executed query appears in the additional_properties field.

Can you help me understand this behavior, and what a good solution would be to identify the queries being used in these situations?

Thank much!

Technical details:

  • Redash Version: 9.0.0-beta (2641562b)
  • Browser/OS: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit) / Windows 10 19042.867

This is the expected behavior.

This doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t be possible. From searching the source code, the only actions for query are

  • favorite
  • search
  • list
  • create
  • view
  • regnerate_api_key [typo?]
  • fork
  • load_favorites

Are you sure? The query ID is logged within additional properties also. Try running this query against your metadata DB and you’ll see the query id also:

SELECT additional_properties::JSON ->> 'query_id'
WHERE action = 'execute_query'
AND additional_properties::JSON ->> 'query_id' <> 'adhoc'

That’s incredibly helpful! Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Also for reference, when I run a query on the events table to see all possible actions for object_type = 'query', here’s what we get back:

SELECT action, count(*)
FROM events
WHERE object_type = 'query'
action count
api_get 1004
cancel_execute 742
create 893
edit_description 38
edit_name 2583
edit_schedule 54
edit_tags 73
execute 71190
favorite 487
fork 1165
list 11048
load_favorites 32504
search 11766
toggle_published 405
update_data_source 3598
view 107877
view_source 15723

So perhaps it varies by version.

I figured it out where they’re coming from.

On the backend, the event is object_type=data_source and the action=execute_query.

But on the frontend, when a user executes a query, this creates the object_type=query and action=execute event.