Execute query with empty datarange parameter

Hello everybody,

I’m facing this issue and I’m wondering if any of you have a solution to the following problem:
I have a widget that has a data range filter. So, basically in function of the data range filled a table is generated. The query is parameterized in function of the data range data.start and data.end.
I would like somehow to have the possibility to execute the query with data range (if the filter is enabled) and execute the query without any date range filter (if the filter is disabled). In other words, is there a possibility to execute the query without filled the data range? I mean, if the data range is not filled it means that I want to take all the values (without any “where” condition). For how it is now if the data range is empty I received this error: Error running query: missing value

Thank you

You can do this with a second parameter that “enables” the date-range parameter. It probably makes sense to have an “All Time” value option for date range parameters so this two-parameter workaround isn’t needed.

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Clear, the solution suggested by you it could a good workaround but in my case I have already 2 data-range parameter and it could be not clear to the user have 2 data range and 2 dropdown list (“enable” and “disable”) for each datarange parameter.

I will think about. However thank you so much for the prompt reply. If the team need some support to develop “All time” just let me know