Export queries from one hosted redash and import to another


I’ve been paying for hosted redash for an org for which I volunteer. The org finally set up its own hosted redash account. I want to export the nearly 100 queries we’ve created en masse (and ideally five dashboards) to the new org-owned hosted redash. I’m the Owner of the first redash and an admin of the new one. Thanks for any guidance.



Can you ping us via support (so we have full context) and we will figure this together :slight_smile: We can either help you migrate, or maybe help you transfer the existing account to the “new owners”.

To contact us, just click on the ? icon in the nav bar. If nothing happens when you click it, it’s possible your adblocker is blocking Intercom (the support tool). Just disable adblock on our page in such case… :pray:



Thanks @arikfr, doing that now.