Exporting Query Results-Dashboards


We are using a self hosted redash which works flawlessly. I have a question regarding exporting query results/dashboards. What I essentially want is to take a daily snapshot of the dashboards (or query results) so that I can have a monthly trend analysis of dashboards. How would I go on establishing this?

Redash db does store query results in a JSON in the redashdb.query_results table, but Im not sure if these get overwritten when a query gets executed again. Its not possible to use historical query results as input for a query, so I am pretty sure this does not work in Redash itself right now, but you could probably build a relatively easy solution by storing your query results / data snapshots somewhere else.

If you’re querying a database just store your daily results/snapshots in a table via scheduled/automated query runs, if its not too much data you could even use a google spreadsheet. That way you can build a trend analysis in a redash dashboard/widget by querying this table.