Extracting Hosted Redash Queries and Alerts for analysis

We are attempting to extract all existing queries and alerts on our hosted version of Redash to asses our current requirements for migration. Is there a way to directly extract the alerts and queries into a CSV or similar output. We are trying to extract all of the queries and alerts regardless of user.

Thank you!

You can do this with the API pretty easily. redash-toolbelt includes a script to do it automatically.

$ pip install redash-toolbelt
$ export-queries <url> --api-key <admin_api_key>

We’re also releasing the revised migration script for moving from hosted Redash to the forthcoming V10 OSS release automatically.

Thank you! Is there a similar script for extracting the alerts?

There is not however that would be quite easy to add. Do you care to try and add it?

I’m getting beyond my technical capabilities, but it is something we definitely need. There are resources on our team better equipped than I. Is there documentation on how to add this?