Fail to connect the aws athena source

I’m new user of redash. It looks beautiful tools for me .
But I have one problem while connecting the amazon athena data source.

  • I have all permission IAM user for s3 and added AWSQuicksightAthenaAccess policy.
  • redash is working on the aws ec2 with redash AMI image.
  • Athena is working well on the aws console.

I got the below error message when save and Test Conenction.
Could you anyone help me to solve this issue?
Is there any check point for below issue?

Connection Test Failed:
Access denied when writing output to url: s3://aws-athena-query-results-31214129xxxxx-ap-northeast-1/e9a36b7b-aa30-4243-914c-b33134e6803f.csv . Please ensure you are allowed to access the S3 bucket. If you are encrypting query results with KMS key, please ensure you are allowed to access your KMS key

Have you configured the S3 staging path in the data source settings?

Yes, I’ve pasted the staging path from athena console setting.