Feature idea -- github integration for sql version management

Hi there – just a few days ago, we instantiated and deployed redash (self-hosted) to our 150 person company. It’s enormously helpful. Self-service is real, and people are sending each other URLs to queries and data sets. Jumping through IT/Infra hoops to get a SQL account and VPN and ssh tunnels are now things of the past.

We have a new problem with knowledge management. The data science team has a git repo where we have standardized and version controlled SQL. Now, we have a proliferation of increasingly entropic SQL inside redash. The query objects are mushrooming and will become impossible to curate.

It would be amazing if we had a way to link to our git instance (we are GH enterprise users). If we can vacuum in our SQL repo, even if read-only, with a trace URL of where it comes from, that will make things better. Future – make it so a PR gets optionally generated if the original SQL is modified (in redash there are 2 uses, a scratch throwaway space and an “official” scenario where we want to version control SQL).

We don’t need Looker-style “LookML” if can interface with Git.

Thank you and keep up the good work.


This is great :smiley:

You mean create Redash queries based on those SQL files in Git?

I assume you mean if it’s modified in Redash?

– Yes! We have tons of version controlled SQL definitions in git (just strings defined in python, sometimes parametrized with curlies)

– Yes! Sometimes I can see that people will run the SQL unmodified. Often they will tweak something. If they change it, sometimes they may want to change what is in git. This is a secondary request, less important than above which is reading the source of truth from git.