Feature request - custom title of widget when adding to dashboard

I wish to add a parameterised widget multiple times to a dashboard, using a different static param value each time. I would like to have the title of the widget different in each case. for example :

query name is : Funnel Conversion Rate for Location
query has a parameter “location” using a drop down list with possible values Brisbane and Hobart

embed this twice in a dashboard

  1. Funnel Conversion Rate for Brisbane, using static location = Brisbane
  2. Funnel Conversion Rate for Hobart, using static location = Hobart

This will require adding a text input where I can override the query name from “Funnel Conversion Rate for Location” to “Funnel Conversion Rate for Brisbane”

We definitely want to add more options when adding a widget:

  1. Hide the title.
  2. Edit the title.

But in your specific use case: I guess a different way to solve it is to let you use the parameter value in the query title?


I’m a software developer working as a contractor for company that uses self hosted version of Redash. Lately we discovered the need for hiding query title functionality that was requested here. We are interested in putting some effort to develop the above functionality - @arikfr could you please give me directions where can I find more information about the functionality and contributing in general. Thanks in advance.