Feature request - custom title of widget when adding to dashboard

I wish to add a parameterised widget multiple times to a dashboard, using a different static param value each time. I would like to have the title of the widget different in each case. for example :

query name is : Funnel Conversion Rate for Location
query has a parameter “location” using a drop down list with possible values Brisbane and Hobart

embed this twice in a dashboard

  1. Funnel Conversion Rate for Brisbane, using static location = Brisbane
  2. Funnel Conversion Rate for Hobart, using static location = Hobart

This will require adding a text input where I can override the query name from “Funnel Conversion Rate for Location” to “Funnel Conversion Rate for Brisbane”

We definitely want to add more options when adding a widget:

  1. Hide the title.
  2. Edit the title.

But in your specific use case: I guess a different way to solve it is to let you use the parameter value in the query title?

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