Feature Request - Filtering DB Tables with Pattern

Hi, I saw on the GitHub page that feature requests should be posted to the forums. Timescaledb sets up various tables beginning with an underscore like _timescaledb_internal.bgw_job_stat and ones just starting with timescaledb like timescaledb_information.policy_stats. It would be helpful to have a table filter parameter attached to each data source so that only the relevant tables would be shown in the list of tables when constructing a query.

I was thinking it could be a regular expression attached to each data source. What are your thoughts? If I were to implement this, would other people find it useful or would it be feature bloat?

I can see how something like this can be useful and in the past we had similar requests. There is some challenge on how to implement configuration options that are shared across multiple types of data sources (currently each data source implements its own options schema).

There was prior working on supporting something like this:

But the frontend code there needs an update (and changes).

Btw, is it possible to change the permissions of the user you use for Redash to block it from access to these tables?

Thanks for the reply! I’ll take a look at that. As for changing the permissions of the user I use for Redash, the database I’m using is Postgres (what timescaledb is built on), which means that revoking permissions for a table doesn’t hide the metadata about the table.

Quick question, do you have any idea off the top of your head where in the codebase table names are collected? I’m wondering because when I connect directly to the database and list the tables, the timescale db tables are entirely hidden.