Feedback from a first install


Hi there,

Great job so far for a great tool! Here are a couple of comments on a fresh install which could help to save some time for newbies.

1- It would be great to have the file updated with the latest version on line 10, it still mentions the previous version: REDASH_VERSION=${REDASH_VERSION-0.11.1.b2095}

2- Having installed the older version, I tried the upgrade process with the, but it failed directly after entering the sudo password. Maybe it was my environment. I didn’t want to lose time as I was on a fresh install, but I still took the time to test the backup and restore process mentioned in the help. It seems to me that it’s better to add a drop user at point 8 to make it look like this:

dropdb redash
createdb -T template0 redash
gunzip -c redash_backup.gz | psql redash

This made it possible for me to restore a redash instance without any worries.

3- For those installing an Oracle client, it would make sense to mention that the Pyhon script requires BOTH the Oracle instant client basic and the Oracle instant client SDK to work properly. After that, adding the proper line in the .env file makes Oracle work like a charm.

4- Has any of you used HTML in the query to add a whole new type of visualisation in tables?
I’ve tested it here and I believe this adds a great way to enrich your dashboards with the ability to make it dynamic (use variables to change the size, get the url of the picture dynamically, and so on)

Thanks again for a fantastic tool!