Fetching results returns "No cached result found for this query"


I’m trying to force the refresh of a query with parameters and fetch the results (using redash beta 10)
I’m using this script :

1°) I’m able to trigger the job and retrieving the job ID
=> No issue there

2°) I’m able to retrieve the job status by using the API /api/queries/{}/jobs/{}
=> No real issue there
except the difference of behavior with the api /api/jobs/{} which is not working in that case: Is that expected?

3°) I’m not able to fetch the results:

  • /api/queries/{query_id}/results/{result_id}.json is returning:
    {'message': 'No cached result found for this query.'}

  • /api/query_results/{result_id} is returning:
    {'message': 'Couldn't find resource. Please login and try again.'}

What am I missing ?