Filter drop down list with multiple value for WHERE IN



Is it possible to have a filter “Query populated dropdown multi value list” that can be used with filters using IN :
where FieldA in ('{{FieldAList}}')
And that allow aslso to select All values.

That can be usefull to apply no filter, one value or a selction of values.



I think the word ‘filter’ you’re using here actually means parameter. It’s partially supported in v4.
Document to query parameter

  1. You can change the setting of a parameter to query populated dropdown list
  2. But I don’t think it’s a multi value list so far.

As for ‘filter’, it’s more of a front-end feature. You can set it on FieldA
Documentation to query filters

Hope this helps


Yes, you are right, it’s “Query Parameters” that I’m trying to use.
I would like to have the possibility to use a multi value query populated dropdown list; allowing an easy selection of All too


In this case, you might want to consider setting this topic as a feature request. :slight_smile:


Cool, how about add search also, so we can more easy to choose which value?