Filter updating issues

Hi there, I’m new on the forum so sorry if the topic has already been discussed ! :see_no_evil:

I’m currently trying to create a Dashboard on Redash in which I have a created a “category_dropdown” filter on the top to select a category.
For another query in this dashboard, I add one more level of selection by using the function " ::filter " to one parameter in the SELECT clause.
A new dropdown appears just above this particular table but also on the top of my dashboard.
The problem is that on the top, this dropdown does not refresh when I change the value on my “category_dropdown”… (but it’s working on my specific query using this 2nd level of selection)

  • Do you have any idea to help me fix this ?
  • Or do you know a way to delete the new dropdown on the top of my dashboard ?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @MarieCharlotteO and welcome to the forum!

Have you tried checking this box when in Dashboard Editing mode?


Thank you so much !!! It works perfectly !