Filtering a Series from Charts (or splitting series into two charts)


Is there a way to filter out a series from a chart without manually having to click on it in the series legend?

For example, I would like to make a chart with:
(notice that flow.begin is unselected)

And inversely, I would like to make with just flow.begin (can’t insert a second screenshot)

This is also really useful when your charts have too many series. Sometimes, you don’t want to change the query, you just want to filter out the results in the charts.

Thanks in advance for the help. If this feature does not exist, I’ll file in Github. I just thought I’d double check here first.


Here is an example of too many series and how filtering out at a chart level would be really useful:

I’d probably make charts with different groupings of the series.


@arikfr is this the right place to post this? Should I make this request in Github?


This is not possible today, but I guess we can add another option to the series editor where you can toggle if it’s visible by default.

And this is the right place to post such things. I try to keep GitHub’s issues for actionable stuff (actual planned features or bugs), although it has some feature requests like this – I’m too polite to close those and send people over here :wink: