Using BigQuery, I have a simple query that in which I’m trying to include a filter.

FROM db.table

I would like ticker to be a filter.

From the documentation:

Note that you can use __filter or __multiFilter, (without double quotes) if your database doesn’t support :: in column names (such as BigQuery).

I see that the standard syntax is “::filter”. But I don’t understand the __filter syntax the documentation is suggesting.

I’ve tried a few things but nothing is working. Anyone done this before? Thanks!

Hi Scott,

Did you get this to work? I have the same issue and I can’t find how to fix it.


Here is one of my BQ samples:
select year(start_date) as year__multiFilter, month(start_date) as month__multiFilter, day(start_date) as day__multiFilter, sales1, sales2, advertiser, order_name, line_item_name as line_item_name__multiFilter, line_item_id as line_item_id__multiFilter, ad_type as ad_type__multiFilter, platform as platform__multiFilter, country as country__multiFilter,cost_type as cost_type__multiFilter,goal_quantity,start_date, end_date, ad_served, impressions, clicks, installs, accepts, deliver_indicator, budget, remaining_budget, lineitemtype,line_item_priority, delivery_strategy, ecpm
from [my-production-bigdata:visualizations.pacing]
limit 100

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That worked perfectly, thanks for your help!