Final release of Redash v8

Following the beta.2 release a month ago, we just finalized the v8 release. There were no changes since the beta release, so for full release notes in V8, we recommend checking the announcement post of the beta:

Warning: You should only upgrade to V8 if your instance is currently running V7. Upgrading directly to V8 from versions earlier than V7 will not succeed. Upgrade to V7 first. See the documentation for more details.

As for what’s next:

There is probably going to be a patch release of v8 to support new AWS RDS CA certificates.

But the interesting stuff will be in v9, which is already shaping up with:

  • Python 3 codebase instead of Python 2 ahead of Python 2’s EOL.
  • Deprecating Celery in favor of RQ.
  • All visualizations migrated to React along with most (all?) of the rest of the codebase.
  • Improved Alerts experience.

And probably more :slight_smile:

As always we encourage you to keep up with the releases and upgrade to this release.

Starting from this release we’re no longer building the tarball version of a release – only Docker images. This of course doesn’t prevent you from deploying Redash anyway you want, but the bin/upgrade script won’t work with this or any newer release.

Happy Querying :nerd_face:


Thank you Arik! This is super exciting.

Thank you Arikfr!
I have used it right now!