We’ve been discussing removing the footer from Redash, as we feel its current content doesn’t justify it’s existence.


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On second thought, the standard today is to have a Github icon in the product website header.


I quite like the Gitlab approach of having a dropdown menu from the “?” button.


I’m thinking of:

  • Knowledge base (help drawer)
    – Divider –
  • Community Support (forum)
  • Contribute to Redash (github repo)
  • Redash Blog
  • redash.io

I like this too.

Maybe a dedicated page on how to contribute?

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Me, too. In fact I’ve been working on such a dropdown as part of our (Mozilla’s) Redash extension and would be delighted if this would be in Redash itself.

May I suggest we add a <DynamicComponent /> at the end of the dropdown?