Hi All,

I hope I’m asking my querstion in the right place. If not, my apologies!
I just started out with re:dash and I already think I passed the point of no return. I love it!

However, I would like to change the default number formatting.
For readability, I would like to remove the thousand separator and the decimal numbers from the numbers in a table.
(We don’t use that kind of formatting here, so it’s a bit confusing to my users)

How would I go about doing this? I’m not a developer, so go easy on me, eh? :slight_smile:



at least in 1.0.3 version you’ll want to cast to string with specific format.

I guess for a table that would work, but I use the same query to build both a table and a graph.
Casting numbers to strings isn’t going to work for my graph I suppose.
That’s why I’m looking for a way to change the formatting of the table, without having to change my query to output strings.

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Fair enough. If you are only going to add a graph or other visualisation to a dashboard and don’t really need a table, you could add a column as string. So graph will use the integer column and table will be readable with text formatted column. not ideal.
the only other alternative (don’t recommend) is maintain two queries, one with type integer and the other for string. again this will be nightmare to maintain.