Frontend End-to-End Tests using Cypress

Does someone has Front End testing steps using Cypress, for deployment using following dev-guide (non-docker)

[Frontend End-to-End Tests]

It’s in the docs.

Thanks for sharing the docs but they are frontend test for docker approach.
Looking for front-end test for dev-guide setup for the following guide.

Can you not run yarn cypress in your environment? The process is identical whether or not you use Docker.

Hello Jesse,

With inputs to our questions from you and forums, we are able to deploy in house. Not easy though :blush:

Is there a monitoring tool or service you would recommend for infrastructure and APM for Redash?



Would love to hear feedback about what we can add to our docs that would have made this process easier for your team. Always want Redash to be easy to deploy :smile: Feel free to DM me if you’d rather speak privately.

If you’re deployed on AWS cloudwatch is a natural choice.