I’m new, and I don’t really understand how to get this set up. I know how to generate a file from data in my database that is in JSON format, but I don’t know how to setup my server to respond to “queries”. I was hoping the file could just live at a path on my server, and Redash could just read it, but from reading what I could find here, it seems there is more to it?


Well, I eventually figured it out. :slight_smile:

Turns out I can I can just select “URL” for the Data Source “Type”. Then, I put the name of my server and the path to where my file is (excluding the filename, but ending in a “/”) in the “URL base path”. Under “Name”, you can name it whatever you want - (this is not the name of the file.

Then, I create a query that uses my Data Source, and in the section where you can type stuff in, just put the name of the file. If the file is in the expected JSON format it should download the data when you press the “Execute” button. At least that how it worked for me.

Hey, can you be more specific on the steps you did in setting up the url as data source??