Get data from API with OAuth 2.0

Hi guys,

A few days ago I came across Redash and is blew my mind! It is absolutely amazing what can be done and how easy it works. Now I came across one issue that I can’t resolve, I would like to fetch JSON data from an API that uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication and authorization. What is the way to go through the auth process? If this is not possible with Redash, what workarounds can you think off to get the data anyway?

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What type of service do you want to connect? It’s possible there’s already a connector for it. If not, you can write your own connector that handles the OAuth negotiation. You can use the source code for the JSON query runner as a starting point. You’ll just need to add in the component which performs the OAuth stuff.

@susodapop Thanks for your quick response!

I want to connect a Dutch bank called Bunq, you can find the docs on I doubt there is a connector available for it yet. I was actually thinking to create my own API service that get’s the data from the Bunq API and passes it on to Redash. What do you think about that idea? Or can you give me any direction/examples for creating my own connector?

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Your API proxy is probably the best balance of complexity / ease-to-develop since you can write it in your language and platform of choice. If you do this, make sure you encode an “infinite” results endpoint. Redash’s JSON data source doesn’t work well with paginated endpoints.

Ok great, thanks a lot for your help!