Get values from DinamoDB List Data Type

Hello guys!, I am a newbie in SQL queries and I’m having a problem on getting the right value from my query, for a visualization on Redash, it looks like the value in a field is a List Data Type (or an object maybe), and I can`t get the results I need. Please will be very grateful for your help, it’s very clear to me I’m missing a function or something.

I need to get the red color “value” string from the “panels” field (029390071694525438S5WuYXL8r or 59189201102222201ZCMBFE2k6c), but the query I attach returns a list with two values I can`t use (index, value). Thanks very much!!

The Redash dynamodb query runner relies on DQL so you might want to check their docs. DQL isn’t maintained anymore, though, so YMMV.