Getting help on setting up Redash locally and connecting to MySQL



We set up Redash to run locally using the Docker based installation guide found here. We got it running successfully with docker-compose up command and everything works fine on localhost:5000

However we’re having troubles connecting to our MySQL database. When I input in all the information such as type, name, host, port, user, password, and database name, i get a connection error and no matter how much we troubleshoot it seems like we cannot connect the local instance of Redash to our MySQL database.

Can anybody help us figure this out or suggest a different way to connect to a database? Maybe there is a way to do this using docker and having an image of a database or something?

Jason L



First, did you try to connect your MySQL database by CLI or other client tool?

If you have already connected it successfully, it might be wrong host value from docker. MySQL is running on host side of docker, so you must specify source IP(or hostname) as host value in settings.


Hi, how can i know the source IP or hostname?


Hi @proto.rhee,
Can you please share your step by step process of installing Redash