Getting issues in function outdated_queries in redash/redash/handlers/


I am using Redash 10 (redash:10.1.0.b50633)

After flushing the Redis I am getting errors originated from the file redash/redash/handlers/ with function outdated_queries

The code with issue - manager_status = redis_connection.hgetall(“redash:status”)
it seems the manager_status is having value {}

which needs to be checked before using the manager_status[“last_refresh_at”]

that is why the api “/api/admin/queries/outdated”, methods=[“GET”] is failing after the Redis flush

due this the page admin/queries/outdated is throwing errors - " It seems like we encountered an error. Try refreshing this page or contact your administrator."

Can you Pls add this code if hasattr(manager_status, ‘last_refresh_at’):
in as patch for latest Redash version 10 ?

Thanks for your help