Getting 'No data returned' while running insert query


I am getting ‘No data returned’ message while running insert query in mysql based datasource.
Kindly let me know the solution or format of query.
I am using redash 7.0 version and running it as pod. This problem is coming for ‘insert’ query for now.

insert into recon (name, description, query, dwh_job_name, frequency, category, is_enabled, location_type, file_path, notification_type)
value(“UPI_TXN_LIMIT”, “UPI Transaction LIMIT”, “none”, “UPI_TXN_LIMIT”, “Daily”, “Regulatory Penalty/ Sanction”, 1, “S3”, “none”, “ding,email”);

This isn’t a bug. Redash should only be used to run SELECT statements. Server messages from other statements won’t be returned. Our docs specifically advise to use a read-only user for this exact reason.

Your INSERT is still sent to the database. But this use is neither sanctioned nor supported.