Google sheet Error - importdata() error "Could not fetch url:"

When attempting to use the importdata() function in google sheets, we are getting the following error:

“Could not fetch url:

The ### are to block out the actual data being called.

Up until yesterday, everything was working fine but overnight it seems like these importdata() functions broke across all Google sheets used by our entire organization.

When I paste the url in my browser, my Google Chrome browser automatically downloads the csv as expected.

Any ideas as to why importdata() is no longer working?



I’m having the same problem. All redash API calls suddenly encounter this error. Please help.

I’ve also been having the exact same problem as described since yesterday, except I’m not using self-hosted Redash.

Here’s the ticket with Google. Looks like a wider problem not just affecting Redash.

Thank you very much!

It seems to be working for me again. Can anyone else report whether it works for you also? @SolomonRoberts @nguyenmanhtri @LexiC

Our team is having the same problem.
Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Change the format from csv to json.

Works 100% for me :slight_smile: