Group Admin capability to allow admins within business domains


Is there a way to create a group admin with permissions to create datasource, however these admins should not be allowed access to datasources that are associated with other groups. From what I learned, the only way to create a datasource is being an admin. However, we want to apply security controls that are associated with the user ( to create data source), without allowing the group admins access to all groups and datasources created. Is there a way to do that. Other alternative is to create service accounts for each security groups then create datasources with these accounts and allow groups to access the appropriate datasources. Please advise on the right approach.


Redash doesn’t have a create_data_source permission. To make a data source a user must simply be an admin. We would certainly review a pull request implementing this enhancement. If this is something you’d like to tackle, please reach out to us first to discuss the implementation as this could relate to our future permissions re-write.