Help with time zones

I’ve got a database, which stores UTC timestamps, from which I need to create reports for user-selected time ranges. Naturally, the users are not thrilled about having to convert times to UTC in their head.

Is there a way to insert user’s timezone into SQL query? (Can’t hardcode it, because not all users are in the same timezone).

Welcome to the forum! Please search the forum before posting new questions. We answered this exact question not long ago.


Dates and times are passed to the database as-is. If the database stores them as UTC then your users need to enter them in UTC.

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We answered this exact question not long ago.

I wouldn’t say “exact”. I am not expecting Redash to perform time conversion, just to tell me what the user’s time zone is.

So it sounds like what I need just isn’t possible with Redash?

Fair point.


Like I mentioned in the linked post, it’s on our roadmap to add timezone offset by user which would make your use-case possible.