Hide Schema browser by default


When I am looking at the table entry for any of my own queries, I see the schema browser on the left. I know it is hideable and there is a shortcut, but I really don’t want it visible by default any of the time. I have no use for it.

Is there any way to do this?


Adding screenshot of the issue to emphasise the point.

Note on this first screenshot, when going to a queries url (/queries/123), then the schema browser is opened by default. This heavily limits the area to render my table, causing significant amount of data to be obscured.

Note: Despite what I said in my original post, it seems that it is not limited to my own queries. Seems to happen when I go directly to any query.


Here is the same table when rendered without the schema viewer. Note that even though I have obscured the content, you can see there is significantly more visible in the same window area, and it is much nicer.



See the discussion in this issue: