Is it possible to hide widget-level filters when dashboard-level filters are used?
Otherwise the UI is very cluttered with duplicate dropdowns.


Any news about this? I’m actually looking for the same solution, is that something planned or is there any workaround?

Just a quick update for anybody still watching this thread: this feature is currently under active development! Can’t wait to see the implementation in here in the near future :thought_balloon:

You can see some of the discussion around this redesign here.

The new query parameters implementation is now live. The initial updates to our documentation are discussed here. The revised documentation is available here.

Has this been resolved, or do we need to use ‘parameters’ in our queries now instead of ‘::filter’ to create filters

Query Filters are unchanged. For now, the only way to hide the widget-level value-selector is by using Query Parameters.

I’d just like to echo that this would be a very nice feature to add

We’re using “::filter” to create widget-level filters a lot, as it’s very easy to use. However, the duplication of filters in dashboards is a major usability problem. Would love to see this addressed!

I just want to add that query parameter do not resolve the problem since it reloads the query each time we change params (in my case it can take several minutes). Is it planned to really Hide widget level filters when dashboard level filters are ON ?

Thanks !

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Yes this feature would be very useful. So is there any update on this feature yet?

Are there any updates in the new version @jesse?
it will be helpful.

Hi there, filters have not received any updates in the past several years. I’m happy to help work with someone to implement this feature, though.

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This issue was raised on github in 2018 and was closed. Another one was opened by a user last year. I suggest everyone to go over there and upvote it to get it included in the roadmap. Here’s the link.

Best of all would be a pull request implementing this feature. This is not on the core team’s roadmap as it’s a low priority among users. However we are happy to review and merge a pull request adding it :smiley: