Hive datasource failure

I want to connect to hive through hive datasource, but the following error occurs

Connection Test Failed:

Unknown error occurred while performing connection test. Please try again later.

Can you provide some logs? You haven’t provided any information that the community can use to debug this.

Connection Test Failed:

Bad status: 3 (Error validating the login: Authentication failed: Incorrect password)

I can’t find the auth field in Hive Class

First up, you shouldn’t need to modify any source code just to connect to Hive. It sounds like you haven’t entered correct credentials.

Secondly, hive doesn’t accept a password field for these connections. Your password is base64 encoded along with your username and included in the HTTP request headers. That’s why you don’t see it in the connection built. It’s bundled into the username shown in your screenshot.

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I want to connect hive use this page,I can’t find to input password

Your screenshot did not upload completely. Can you try again?

I can’t find configuration password

Use the Hive (HTTP) data source instead:

thank you :grinning: